Clash Royale Chest Tracker

Clash Royale Chest Tracker

Description :
The usage of this app, you may see in which you are within the chest cycle, in the game conflict Royale.
*Disclaimer* This app does no longer play the game for you, and isn't always used to cheat or hack. to use this app, you want to recognize where you're at inside the chest cycle. The nice way to realize, if you've already been playing, is to try to figure out where your ultimate brilliant drop changed into, inclusive of a large or magical chest.

wonderful Magical chests are nonetheless random! you have a small hazard every win to get one of those, rather than the next chest to your contemporary cycle.

How to USE:
Use the range picker to pick out how many chests you've got ALREADY obtained. From there on, you could click on at the "I were given a chest!" button, to improve within the cycle and notice which chest you may receive next.

Screenshot :
Demikianlah penjelasan tentang game ini, namun jangan lupa, game ini sudah di mod atau di Hack, sehingga pemain dapat memodofikasi karakter yang di sukainya, seperti membeli peralatan atau hal yang dapat mendukung permainan tersebut.
Semoga bermanfaat dan tetap tunggu update selanjutnya di .

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